Monday, October 12, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Fear, resentments, doubts
Loss of perfect peace
Come closer to God's glory
As each of these release

Fear is insecurity
Believing lack exists
In the presence of divinity
These concepts can't persist

Resentments flow from anger
Compassion's nagging foe
Give until the anger leaves
And let more blessings flow

Doubts are weakened faith
Strengthened in sadness and woe
Filled with hope, they falter
And love is all we know

Draw near to God's great glory
Give much with all you are
Be hopeful in renewing faith
From peace, you'll not be far

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soon to be HOT off the PRESS

I am always surprised by my TALENTED friends...I got this note letting me know...someone has been busy...and look what they have been up to...A BOOK...Seriously??

Multi-talented is an understatement!

Check out the Link below:

She is an amazing women. I hope the books FLY off the Shelves..

Feel free to Spread the WORD

-the world NEEDS more positive, fun and uplifting books especially for Women!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Salute EH?

I have been saving this cute picture I saw...for a SPECIAL occasion. Today seems like the day.


I have been blessed in the past few years with some wonderful friends from the North....Thanks to each of you...and today I celebrate with you! Some day I will make it over the border to Celebrate with the COOL Canadians!! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Win, lose or Draw

"One warm evening during the past summer months Sister Ashton and I enjoyed a professional baseball game. During the early part of the competition our attention was diverted from the action by a late arriver. As he walked by, he spotted me and asked, 'Who's losing?' I responded with, 'Neither one.' Following my answer, I noticed that he glanced at the right-field scoreboard, saw the game wasn't tied, and walked on, undoubtedly wondering about me. Seconds after he made his way to a distant seat, Sister Ashton said, 'He doesn't know you very well, does he?' 'What makes you say that?' I replied. She responded with, 'If he did, he would know you don't believe anyone is losing. Some are ahead and some are behind, but no one is losing. Isn't that right?' I smiled in approval with a warm feeling inside. Proper attitude in this crisis-dominated world is a priceless possession. Never before is it more important for all of us to move forward with conviction. We may be behind, but we are not losing if we are moving in the right direction. God will not score our performances until the end of the journey."
--Elder Marvin J Ashton, "Who's Losing?" Ensign, Nov. 1974, 41