Saturday, August 30, 2008


Ah, one of my friend's catch phrases goes, Gotta love it!
I usually tease her and say NO I DON'T have to....
She is just a + person. Love her for that! It does amaze me how motherhood is much more intense than I ever thought. I am not sure if I was just young and naive...or I have alot of strengthening to do...
I love my two kids, don't get me wrong. They can be a true joy. But as the joke goes, why didn't they come with instruction manuals.
Today I spent much of my day talking about chipmunks. Me the non-animal person. It is Sky's obsession. He thinks they are in the big pine trees at the end of our cul-de-sac. He takes his trap and puts it down by the trees. (this consists of an empty Avon box he got at a garage sale around the corner...rewind...we stopped at the garage sale around the corner...just for fun...and looked really quick..the lady we were and said ok...Sky of course speaks up and informs her he needs some chipmunk stuff...the he sees a box in her garage and says "whats that?" she said oh that is just an empty box...he said "that is just what I was looking for"...) so as the story goes...we got the best buy at the free avon box loaded (meaning it had a lid) Now if we could only catch one of those sneaky chipmunks. Wish us luck or a quick transition to the next obsession.
Child #2...Little Miss I need everything. She has a new obsession too...Garage Sales. One of her therapist helpers got her hooked...She has the smile so she gets stuff for CHEAP. I however have been playing the simplify game, reduce, reduce reduce. Good Will or other charity places get a bag at least once a week. However with her new obsession the equation is not equaling out. For the love of a good deal, I think she should have been her aunts daughter...
These are just a few things in my motherly head right now...but I think it is because I am worrying about the first day of school. Fingers crossed, toes crossed...Hoping for a good first day..
To be continued School starts TUESDAY ☺

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elaine said...

Help coming! I will bring the disabled adult to the mix, the one who can't walk and has been laying on the couch all day. Look at the bright side; I'm a Mom too but I'm the one who is disabled, at least for the day. I'll get better by the time it's time to run 22. How about I run to your house?