Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beep, Beep..Here Comes Karma

Do You believe in Karma?

I guess without really pondering...I have always thought of the it as a negative word.

As people talk...I am not sure if it is their voice or the actual words but when you hear, "what goes around comes around", it hasn't been a good thing. Here is a story I found which depicts another version of Karma...

A few weeks ago I missed my bus (actually the driver wasn't paying attention and drove past me!). It was really cold that day, so I went to this little diner a block from my bus stop while I waited for the next one. There was only one slight problem: besides my bus money I had a whole 35 cents on me and they didn't take credit cards. The waitress was super-nice and offered to buy me a cup of coffee, and we chatted a little while I was waiting.A week later I missed the bus again, but this time I had money so when I went to the diner and ordered some breakfast. I was able to leave that same waitress a 100% tip.I figured that was that. However, after I got onto the bus, this couple got on. They wanted 2 day passes, but were short fifteen cents and while the woman was digging for more change that she didn't have, the machine spit out only one ride pass. They sat down behind me and were lamenting on how one of them would get home that night, so I gave them the money they would need.I'm really glad I missed my bus that day.

This story has many points which could make someone turn angry, but as the story goes on her attitude changed. How many times I have spiraled with the negative instead of stopping and looking for a reason I needed to be there. I have grew up knowing the GOLDEN RULE...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. How would the world change with this one thing being implemented by people each day? This is a simple statement that can really pack a punch! I think Heavenly Father knew that many of his commandments might fall under this principle.

Heavenly Father works miracles. Many times he works through others to be able to get everything done. If we are lucky enough to stop and listen to the promptings we could be a light in someones day. So whether or not you believe in KARMA or not, I am sure that how we look at things and how we act or react could be an answer to someones prayers.

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