Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Survived.....the first day of school

School Days...

School Days.....

Skyler ••••Morgan
3rd Grade ~~~1st Grade
Mrs. Brott •••••Mrs. Shirts
Mrs. Critchfield

The day started early for us...the kids had Physical therapy before school. So we were out the door by 7:30 am and on our way. Lucky for us we had clothes and backpacks ready the night before.

Skyler went first and did great job but when he decided it was time for school...he let the therapist know he had to go. I am glad that he was excited and not too anxious...as the mom I was hoping this wasn't the calm before the storm. So Skyler and I left and drove to his school. The street was filled with cars, parents, kids and extra help from police and fireman directing people. We went in just like any other kid...He proceeded to the door right before his room and came to a stop. He said, "I'm Dead!" and didn't move. I didn't panic but went on in...and started talking...then the teachers daughter Lily came out and said Hi Skyler...and prompted him to come in...he was still reluctant but after a bit more prompting he went in and hung up his backpack. I was trying not to cheer yet...but inside I was beaming...He has made such big improvements from the first day of preschool. Miss Lily keeps talking to him and he was beginning to recognize some of the helpers and some of his friends from last year. He did it...made the whole school day...and had a great day. He made it down to his other class as well...what an amazing experience.

So back in the car I went...As I returned to the PT office. Morgan had been working hard and was smiling. She was taking turns with Miss Ellison as to what she would work on next. (she likes to be in charge) I let them finish up their therapy even though part of me was wanting to rush her to school so she wasn't late for her first day. So we jumped in the car and headed toward her school...(the exact opposite direction of her brothers school btw) I was worrying about how she would do since she didn't have a 1 on 1 with her this year. (moms love to worry) So just as we pulled into the parking lot my phone rang it was a lady wanting to know if Morgan was coming...(pretty popular isn't she...LOL) I said we are in the parking lot. We came in slowly. I felt some apprehension from her (more anxiety than anything). As we walked down the hall, she reminded me that there is Mrs Dean's room. (her teacher for Kindergarten) We walked in to all the kids sitting in a circle with the teacher and listening about Rules...we found her cubby (she had been worried she wouldn't have one) and she sat down. She was pretty good at sitting but still her eyes were taking in things all around her. I was glad that there are about 5 people from her old class mostly girls who she really liked who are in her class. I stayed about 45 min or so...and then I left...it was kinda hard to leave. She had a good day too. She was really cute when she talked to daddy on the phone she said, I saw Mrs. Shirts today and she was really nice. She also informed me that there were alot of recesses. (the important stuff at school)

So we survived. We are hoping that our little ones will find their places and make new friends. So as my sweet dad loved to sing....

School Days...School Days...Good Old Golden Rule Days....


(let the games begin)


L said...

I'm so glad you shared!!!! I was praying and praying that all was going well! - hugs, indymom =)

Kara said...

That is awesome that they could start off good! I hope everything else is going good for you!

Do you get my parents email? If not let me know and I will forward it to you!

elaine said...

YEEEHAAAWW! Good job to Skyler. And Morgan. And MOM!

Marnee said...

Congratulations on a very good first day of school!!!

Glad it went well.