Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do NOT Walk

You've seen it..the flashing sign reminding you to not walk. Do you ever wonder what the world would be like without this guidance? It seems like basic common sense so why wouldn't we all just "know". Why wouldn't all the cars just stop?
Common Courtesy is still possible...but do you practice it? (Inside and Outside of a vehicle?)

Has the world really gone so crazy that we need to be reminded to let another have a share the road...or to help someone along their journey? We now even have laws and rules about Road Rage..What is that all about? If we all follow the basic common sense rules filtered with a Christlike attitude...would we really need all the other reminders?

This holds true in all of our lives...We are told to we do it daily and with thankful heart or do we have to be constantly reminded? Do you think this is part of Heavenly Fathers Plan..or have our selfish ways her on earth made it so we need all these reminders?

Here is another example:

Be of good Cheer...are you? Miss Merrilee does the Dance of Joy...How do you Celebrate your day...your miracles...your blessings...?

So do you Wait...or Rush the sign is Blinking the message?

I have found that I have struggled to Wait...for the answers...for the guidance and the path is much harder...Patience, Obedience, Faith...all part of the great plan. To be able to have the Holy Spirit in your life is such a is like our own little blinking light...doesn't it feel amazing to have the loving support with even if your stuck, stop and look for the eternal will make whatever earthly sign, person or problem seem more bearable.

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elaine said...

When I am in the middle of the road and I see the sign, "Do not walk", I run to hurry to the other side. When I am in the middle of life, and I feel the threat, "Do not walk", I run, albeit sometimes the wrong way. When the Spirit says to me, "do not walk", I look for an escape; it is so hard for me to just "Be Still".
I will be thinking about this all day. Thank you!