Monday, July 7, 2008

One Step Forward, Two Steps...back

Have you ever stopped to think about progression...

What is the right way to move ahead?

I always seem to joke that I am working in a progressive mode...
( some may beg to differ on this statement) I guess my thinking is this...little steps to the goal... or as they say, one step in front of the other. I am not sure my focus is correct. Why? There are many things I NEVER finish. I saw some little blurb on Dr. Phil about a phobia of not wanting to complete things because then people can judge your work.
The Light Bulb went is ME...

So How do I create a better way to progress? Do I re-evaluate my goals, maybe place smaller ones on myself? Do I praise myself more for what I have accomplished? Why do I fear being judged?

Why not try something new such as leaps (of faith or jumping in with both feet) or Strong and Speedy...(like the battery commercial).

The only other way I accomplish things is by Adrenaline Rush- this used to be my #1 way of completing things...I guess fear and procrastination drive me.

I am not sure what all this says about me...but I know that it is not making me happy. I think I am more intense in all areas because have a need to check off the box saying "X" is done.

A tennis player...goes back and forth in their games....and they are progressing...but they still may not win...So do I have to complete to win...or just compete?


L said...

Oh my goodness - are you me? lol I can count on fingers things in my life that I actually started and finished. You make a good point about the tennis match - and I think just finishing is the key. If you are playing a game of tennis, but you lose, you still have finished something you started...unless of course starting was saying to yourself, "I am starting and I am going to win every game I play" or something like that. I think then you would never feel finished =).

Verlee said...

That is me as well...not finishing things, so people can't I never realized that. thanks for your words of wisdom. you are a smart lady!