Monday, July 7, 2008

I've been a Mom for 10 Years

There you have 1st born is 10 today!

His original due date was Pioneer Day...but he was born the 8th of July.

He is quite the boy. He brought us such joy coming into our family. We knew early on that he was different...God had sent us a child who needed extra attention. We continue to search for ways to help him and the symptoms he deals with being a full-mutation carrier of Fragile X Syndrome. His heart is tender and his spirit is strong. He doesn't fit into the box of a regular 10 year old boy. He challenges me each day to gain patience, be creative in my parenting and look beyond his mortal trials.

Skyler enjoys riding his bike. (adult 3 wheeler he calls it "lady"), going to the beach, fishing with dad and getting movies in the mail. He has a great love for animals and babies...and is drawn to them. He usually goes through cycles where he really likes one or two things at a time...Right is Alvin & the Chipmunks, Gingerbread man (or boys & babies). He also loves to tease. (who did he get that from?) He has a pet bunny named Fluffy who also entertains and calms him.

Today we CELEBRATE him....

Happy 10th Birthday Skyler
Love ya Buddy

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elaine said...

Happy BDay Sky!!!!!!!