Sunday, July 27, 2008

Miracles do Happen

I have been working on being healthier...and in doing so it means more than just exercising and eating right...It is getting rid of some of my "projects", troubled areas, and extra baggage. In my last post I spoke of finding things...some good~ some not so fun...but I have made progress.

doesn't sound too
But did you know it has a floor?
and until morning...NO Laundry to Do!!
(More Cheers....Whistles....and even the dance of JOY)


Marnee said...

Whoo hooo!!!!

wanna come find the floor of my laundry room???? I am so far behind.

Suzie said...

Hey Elaine, it's cousin Suzie (Miller)...not to be confused with your other cousin Susie. Cute blog. Another fun website for improving ourselves is found here: It's done by one of my friends from growing up. Anyway, send me an email at & I'll send you an invite to my "exclusive" blog...
PS, congrats on the laundry, that's my task for today!

elaine said...

congratulations on your "find"!~

Toni said...

I'm with marnee, when you have finished with her place will you come and do my laundry too? Please? I am excited for you!!! I know what a great feeling it is to be caught up on laundry.