Monday, July 21, 2008

Move it to Lose it!

You got it, get up and MOVE...that is what I have learned from my goal to become healthier. I have a bit of a challenging life (don't we all right?) but I found that even my daily chores can be a great workout. So how can I step it up?

I am lucky enough to have friends all over the I put the call out a while ago to see who wanted to play Get Healthier with me. I was amazed that so many were willing to take on the challenge. We teamed up people so we could share more intimate goals about ourselves and have someone specific to go to and depend on for motivation.

I have found some days easier than others. But I think having this exceptional group who is all working for he same cause is helping me. I have found that I think about them as I eat, exercise and do other things to improve my overall health or if I am trying to avoid it.

So how does my schedule differ than before? Each morning I do my sit ups. Yes, sit not a huge number but more than I did before. Each day I try to increase by one.

I have to check my mail and she what my friends are up to...(this is for mental health)

Some days I have been trying to ride my bike, in the early morning it is nice. Cool and quiet. I have found that some time to reflect on what is behind or ahead of me, has helped me to deal with each day.

Due to my children and husband's schedule everything else has to be flexible.
This is how I think I am making more progress. I am learning to bend. In the past if I could not do my exercise when I wanted, I skipped it. Well skip one day and then before you know it is a week later. So I am learning to find time for what is important.

My mind is even thinking differently due to the changes that I have made. This past week I had some car problems and in the past I would have been really worried or upset. I think I handled it well. I even got in some exercise in the Autozone parking lot. (no you may not request the surveillance camera footage) I think I seized the moment and made the best of it.

Today my hope is that who ever reads this, and is thinking about making a change they will MOVE forward and Just Do It. No need to run a marathon, just make small changes.

Walk to a neighbors instead of drive.

Go on a bike ride.

Try doing your housework with ankle weights. (no not the kids hanging on you)

Eat an open face sandwich. (you just saved calories but watch the mayo or oil)

Need a snack? Try 100 calorie popcorn quick easy (air popped is even less w/o butter)

Help someone weed their garden, mow their lawn.

This list could go on forever, but I think you get the idea. I am not an expert but one who want to progress and wants others to as well..

So as they say in the military MOVE IT- MOVE IT- MOVE IT!

Spread the word and start your own Get healthier Group TODAY.


LeaAnne said...

Thanks for the reminder girlie! love ya!

elaine said...

I missed the I am inviting myself. Is it okay if I join? I need someone to tell, just in case I do something healthy. My Dad thinks marathons are extremely UNhealthy and is trying hard to convince me. I am convinced, just like a convinced smoker, as I reach for another cigarette.

Elaine said...

Everyone is invited...and although some may be doing traditional marathons others have their own race to achieve. So don't get discouraged. Small steps...still get you to the finish line.

happy mommy said...

This is so great!! Way to go!

I have recently began walking and running and have been amazed at how much better I feel mentally.

Keep it up!!

Lore said...

thanks 4 the good point!